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FTMBA 200S - Data and Decisions (Berkeley Haas - Fall A 2021)

Data and Decisions is not a typical statistics course. We move quickly, covering during seven weeks everything from statistical tests and confidence intervals all the way through interpretation and inference in multiple regression models. Along the way, we emphasize deep ideas rather than memorizing formulas, discussing, for example, how smart companies use experiments to increase profits and the business and ethical implications of big data. In essence, the course focuses on how to become a critical consumer of statistical analysis.

ECON 215B Political Economy (Berkeley - Spring 2022)

This graduate course in political economy addresses the interactions among citizens, profit-maximizing firms and a vast class of non-market agents, such as governments, public administration and regulatory institutions. The class emphasizes the operative implications of non-market institutions in affecting and constraining firm strategy and individual behavior. Topics and cases cover economic and political institutions, economic policy, lobbying, clientelism, bureaucracy, regulation, antitrust, activism and the media. We corroborate the analytical framework with real-world applications, ranging from the US historical experience to cross-country comparisons, to develop insight in interpreting fundamental politico-economic constraints.